Use this Visio template to collect information about the length of lines drawn over the picture, in real units. Get the real lines length in an unscaled picture.


The Document scaling template contains blank Visio document, "Gauge" master (in Document Stencil) and several functional macros.

The template contains 2 pages:

A typical scenario for applying the template is as follows:

You must have a picture - a photograph of a building or a scan of a site plan as a basis. The picture should contain two points, the real distance between which is known.

The template can be used for:

The peculiarity of the template is that the original image can be of any size. It is enough to know the distance between any two points in the image.

System Requirements

The desktop version of Microsoft Visio (from 2007 to 2019). Macro permission required.

Microsoft Excel.

Install Instrucions

Click Download to save the template to your computer.

Place the template anywhere. For convenient calling, the My Documents\My Shapes folder is preferred.

Download Document scaling template.

See also - Using the "Document Scaling" Visio template.