A set of 10 network equipment shapes for rack and data center diagrams.


File Name: NiagaraNetwork.vss

Date Published: 11/23/2019

File Size: 1.466 MB

These shapes are exact replicas of the network devices and are drawn to scale with port-level details.

The Stencil contain the following shapes:

  • Niagara 2299-2SX
  • Niagara 2804
  • Niagara 2818
  • Niagara 2846
  • Niagara 3416
  • Niagara 4224
  • Niagara 4248
  • Niagara 4248-1C
  • Niagara 4272
  • Niagara 4332

System Requirements

To use this stencil, you must have desctop version Microsoft Visio 2003 or a later version.

Install Instructions

1. Download .vss file.

2. Copy the stencil file to the "My Shapes" folder in your "Documents" or "My Documents" folder, which will be located on a path that looks similar to this:

C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\My Shapes


C:\Users\yourname\Documents\My Shapes

You can place them in a folder inside of the My Shapes folder if desired.

3. In Visio 2003 or 2007 go to the File menu, point to Shapes, and then point to My Shapes. In Visio 2010 and later, click on More Shapes in the Shapes window, and then point to My Shapes. The stencils will be listed in the My Shapes menu.

Download NiagaraNetwork.vss