The script provides data transfer to a Visio document more convenient and faster than the file selection dialog box.

The script is designed to work with Visio TreeView template.

Visio provides a dialog for selecting files, but is limited by an unregulated filter. Only Visio files can be selected, but not arbitrary files. Therefore, the developer himself has to create a dialog box for selecting a data file. But this requires a lot of code.

The developer can use the InputBox to provide the user with the ability to manually enter the path to the data file or copy it from the Windows Explorer window. This is more convenient, but not enough.

The next step is to try to “transfer” the data file from the explorer to the document. This method is used in the Visio TreeView template.

When using a scanned image as the basis for a Visio drawing, you often need to scale the image
and rotate it by a small angle. It takes too much time to perform this operation manually with
the desired accuracy. The "Image Resizer" macro provides automatic resizing of the image.