Visio solutions development

Custom development of shapes, stencils, templates and complex solutions based on Visio.

Some previous projects

To show the directions in which Visio's user extensions can develop, I will give a few examples from my experience.

These things were done at different times, something for themselves, something to order. Most often they specialize and can not be reapplied without changes. That is, the list should be seen as an example of "what others have done" and "what can be done".

Organization chart's Designer. An application made on the basis of Visio. Allows you to build a organization charts by Ron Hubbard's methodology. Stores data in Access. Made by the order of ITone.
Electrical panels. Solution for the layout of electrical panels. Template, stencil, several macros to help the designer to perform routine tasks.
Solution for composing the orgcharts. The another solution for composing the organisation charts. Characterized by a large volume of data, multiple levels of hierarchy, a complex arrangement of fields. Uses the SQL-server as a datasource.
The graphical user interface. The graphical user interface based on Visio to PDM system. Represents the structure of a complex product in a tree. Used to monitoring the status of developed products. The status is displayed in color and text.
The dashboard based on Visio. The system produces a daily measurement of a set of indicators and stores them in a DB Access. The current value is displayed in text and graphic form with coloring that corresponds a evaluation. 10-day pre-history helps to assess the trend.
The chart builder. Visio add-on for graphically display a plurality of successive measurements, optimized for the relevant application area. Uses the "External Data" window. Works on the principle - "two clicks for one chart".
The network's graphic editor for RN20 - RN40. Made by the order of Ranch Networks, Inc.
The export to WMF. Solution for export Visio diagrams in WMF format and the subsequent formation of a Word document to insert the exported files. Each page of the multiple-page Visio drawing is inserted as a picture in a Word document.
BOM formatter. The Visio extension that allow to create and format the BOM according to the database. Uses the PDM system as a datasource on the composition of the product. The data passed to the application via XML Web service. The application provides an interactive editing a document via a set of application functions.
Copy utility. Utility to save the properties of Visio shape to Excel file for later comparison with the properties of other shape or copy them to another shape. Are copied all cell of ShapeSheet.
Report builder. The macro - report builder with special data transformation.
Utility for subtracting of shapes in case when the quantity exceeds the Visio standard limit for such operation. Is designed as a built-in macro.
Program to automate print Visio documents with provide the control of the printer and paper settings. Is used when the precision of the settings is needed for a special print mode.
Mini-CAD to design of temporary buildings, made of the standardized constructions. Works with a standard set of residential and office space, a standard set of furniture and equipment. Allows a few clicks to generate a plan of the building.