Visio solutions development

Custom development of shapes, stencils, templates and complex solutions based on Visio.

How to order

General approach

We communicate by email, discussing the possibility and order of work. After that, the way of further work will be chosen - Upwork (more formal) or direct contract.

Upwork is good in that it provides proven opportunities for reserving a deposit, resolving disputes, for the execution process, a diary, etc. However, it requires significant commission fees.

A direct arrangement saves money, but all the guarantees lie directly on the contracting parties.

Preliminary preparation

There are a number of typical questions, the answers to which will help to solve the problem more quickly.

Examples of "good" queries:

We need a macro to validate the schemas.

Check for compliance with the connection rules and the set of components used.

Visio 2010.

The macro will be used in one department.

The data for verification is located in the database on the local network.

We need a macro to build a network flow scheme.

The source data should be selected in the form of a report from the database. The macro will be used by the analysts in the preparation of reports.

Visio 2013 professional.

We need a system for automatically publishing Visio files in SharePoint in PDF format.

The source files are always in the same folder.

Publish daily if the source file is changed.

Visio 2013 standard.

For the developer of ventilation systems, a set of shapes and tools (functions) is required to improve efficiency. Auto-numbering, validation, placement of typical blocks, selection of blocks from the database, compiling BOM.

I need a macro to convert the Control-M Jobs dependency report to a Visio diagram for my own use in visio 2010. The source data is in XML format.

Data-driven solutions

Perhaps you need a more complex solution that involves interacting a Visio drawing with a database. More detailed information is required for such decisions. I recommend looking at Development of Visio solutions with connection to the database