PadFactory - tool for creating Visio IETM


PadFactory - is a tool for creating Visio IETM. PadFactory inserts the built-in WordPad object into shapes or master-shapes.

The utility is designed as a Visio drawing, containing macros.

Utility is free.

Download from this site.

What is a simplest IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manual)? This is a diagram, where each block can be opened and for show detailed information.

PadFactory is a tool for creating simple IETM. If prepare the shapes special way, then each of them can hide an article or section of the manual. By default, the user will see only the diagram. But clicking on the shapes you can seen more information. And all of this is provided in a single Visio file.

PadFactory inserts the built-in object WordPad into shapes or master-shapes.

Shape is converted to a group, to which in addition to the prototype object is added the built-in. DblClick on such shape opens the embedded object for editing.

The application is a Visio drawing that contains several macros. Macros are called using the context menu of the page.