The native data visualizer works only with Visio Pro and is not available to owners of the Standard version. However, it is not difficult to extend this technology to Visio Standard. All you need is to help Visio get to the data. This is a major hurdle for Visio Standard. After that, the task of automatic charting can be solved even by novice VBA programmers. Moreover, it is possible to implement several simple algorithms that will satisfy most user needs.

An example of this approach is the "Visio stencil for data import" available in Gumroad -

The previous version of the TreeView template received information through the File System Object. This makes it possible to display the structure of folders and files on the local computer. But when displaying the structure of other storages, problems arise because the File System Object does not work with them. You can reduce this problem by connecting a network drive or webdav technology. Such drives look the same as regular computer drives. However, not all storage provides the ability to connect through vebdav. For example, Google Drive does not work with vebdav.

Visio TreeView template version 2019 provides the ability to import data from a text file. This new feature allows you to build TreeView charts for many different data stores. You just have to present the structure of the folders and files of the storage in the desired format. Typically, this requires a scanner that uses the API of the required storage.

An example of such a scanner for Google Drive is the Google Drive Scanner for the Visio TreeView template.

The Visio TreeView template provides a file system scan and automaticaly drawing a tree of folders and files in a Visio document. Today this popular template has received additional functionality, now it provides data import from a text file.

A Visio user sometimes needs to create a Visio drawing based on a scanned image. But the
scanned image is usually the wrong size and may be slightly rotated.

Naturally, you can scale and rotate the drawing manually, but it takes a lot of time and it is
difficult to ensure maximum accuracy. The operation becomes much easier if you use a small