Visio solutions development

Custom development of shapes, stencils, templates and complex solutions based on Visio.

Published on Gumroad

If the resulting Visio solution is sufficiently universal and can be used many times without change, I usually publish it at the Gumroad service.

Some of these solutions are paid (usually a very small fee). Some are distributed using the 0+ method. That is, you can take it for free or for the price that you think is fair.

There are also things that are sold for free in executable code, but the paid version additionally contains open source code. Thus, you can use a fully functional free version and at the same time you can expand its functionality yourself or change the code to implement the desired properties.

If you have any questions about using the product or you want to expand its functionality, you can contact me by email.

Gumroad provides a collection of statistics about product reviews and purchases. This allows me to understand which things often cause interest and focus on developing such things. In addition, Gumroad provides many different ways to accept payments.

If you have not previously used Gumroad, check out this very brief guide for beginners.

Below are my products available through Gumroad.


Tools for all

Visio stencil for data import
The stencil contains the Shape-Importer and a few macros for the automatically creating of diagrams based on the data.
Creation of the diagram is reduced to copying the contents of the Clipboard into a shape and execution the Draw command. The stencil automatically makes all the rest operations.
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This is a tool to quickly draw the folder structure in a document Visio.
Easy to use template containing the master-shapes and macros. It allows you display the desired portion of the directory structure.
Tell what you need, and Visio draws this to you.
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TreeMap Visio template
TreeMap is an improved version of the TreeView template.
It completely replaces VisioTreeView plus able to draw a TreeMap diagram. You can see the comparative volume of files and folders on your drives.
Just add this template to your Visio.
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The utility allows you to hide the Microsoft WordPad object in any shapes.
Diagram created with such shapes, is a simple Interactive Electronic Technical Manual. By clicking on a shape-action you will run the window with operating instruction. And all is stored in a single document.
The utility is designed as a Visio drawing, containing macros.
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Advanced level

This is a tool for comparing Visio shapes and copying individual attributes.
The utility performs operations such as: comparison of shapes, copying shape-sheet formulas, copying shape-sheet sections.
The utility is designed as a Visio stencil, containing macros.
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Tools for Professionals

Connection server
This is a scanner for gathering information about the connections of shapes in Visio drawing.
The utility is made as ActiveX dll, containing the class clsConnServ. It contain methods for:
- scanning a diagramms and collecting shapes attached to given shape directly or through other shapes,
- collect inbound-otugoing subtree for given shape,
- selecting and moving the collected subtree,
- creating the description of graph in form a set of links,
- path's calculation between two given shapes,
- searching of broken connections.
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