Visio solutions development

Custom development of shapes, stencils, templates and complex solutions based on Visio.

Examples of work on converting files to a Visio document

Below are examples of work to assess the complexity and price of work associated with converting files from various formats to a Visio document.

In all the works shown, the initial data were presented in the form of files of various graphic formats, which did not allow obtaining the required quality by importing an image or automatic file conversion. Therefore, Visio documents were redrawn according to the existing sample.

The cost of such work is influenced by many parameters, such as: quality of the source file, amount of work (number of shapes), shape complexity, amount of text, etc. However, a preliminary assessment can be obtained by simple comparison of the expected result with the closest of the presented analogues.

Works for $3, $7, $12. Electrical Stencils

Examples of panel equipment for mounting on DIN rails. As source files, photographs of equipment or PDF documents are usually used.

The cost of work greatly depends on the quality of the original image, because the user can not always find a quality image. On the other hand, the price can be reduced if there are many similar elements in the order and this allows you to reuse fragments.

Estimated price is shown in the table.

$7 - 67 shapes $12 - 121 shapes $3 - 27 shapes

Work for $200. Cargo Layout template

In this case, the Visio document is used in service technologies related to the calculation of ship loading and repair and maintenance work.

Scans of project documentation in PDF format were used as source data.

The output contains about 2,000 shapes. The work is estimated at $ 200.

Work for $ 18. Layout of cables on the floor plan

In this example, additional data on cabling was manually entered into the plan, which was printed on paper. A photo of the adjusted draft was used as input to create a new plan in Visio format.

The resulting document contains 180 shapes. The work is priced at $ 18.

Work for $20. Functional diagram of equipment on a complex form

A PDF document with a list of necessary corrections was used as the initial data. Three logos were contained in separate files, which allowed them to be embedded in a Visio document.

The resulting document contains about 100 shapes. A large number of texts led to an increase in the cost of work. The final grade is $ 20.

Work for $70. Visio stencil for rack equipment

As the initial data used photograph of the device.

The poor quality of the original photograph complicated the work, but was partially offset by the repeatability of the fragments.

As a result, the document containing 630 shapes is valued at $ 70.

Work for $5. Satellite map

The original image was obtained using the Print Screen button in a browser window with an image of a satellite map of the area.

The resulting file contains 43 shapes. The work is priced at $ 5.